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Chasm is a 2d exploration game, set in the far future, where the player has to navigate through an inhospitable wilderness littered with remnants of a lost civilization, to find their home, whilst trying to discover a new way to live in this extreme new world. The main character, Digby, sets out from their home settlement with the hopes of establishing a new settlement. They are joined by a team of misfits, who seem, at first, to be more of a hindrance than a help. The aim of the game is to encourage the player to think more mindfully about how humanity treats nature and perhaps change some of their habits to be more environmentally positive.

Controls are left and right arrow buttons to move, space bar to interact!

Tell me what you think!

game blog - chasm.game.blog

insta - ecgamesdesign


Chasm Build 29th May 19 - Final for Hand-in! 68 MB
Chasm - 27th May 19 73 MB
Chasm - Early Dev Ver. 5 - 25th May 19 67 MB
Chasm - Early Dev Ver. 4 - 19th May 19 3 MB
Chasm - Early Dev Ver. 3 - 16th April 19 3 MB
Chasm - Early Dev Ver. 2 - 2nd April 19 3 MB
Chasm - Early Dev Ver. 1 - 25th Feb 19 2 MB

Install instructions

exe. (made in game maker studio)


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Played the May 27th build.. not sure if there was something else to do after finding the... bigger wreck.. but some quick feedback. Good to hear some audio, I really like the cutscene artwork but it seems like the rest is not at the same quality level. 

The journal is nice, I would have liked the drawing to be bigger. Also, would like more interaction options, more conversations and just observations on the things in the world. Oh, and it's a little weird that closing the journey screen resets the character's position. :) 

I see lots of areas that need improvement but at the same time I see potential and I'm interested in what the story will bring, what they'll discover, I want to know more about the rest of the characters and the world in general so.. keep at it. 


Thanks for playing and giving some feedback! Unfortunately I have to submit this for my final year of uni in a few days so it's more of a demo at the moment, but I will be working on polishing up for some shows soon. I will keep your feedback in mind! : )

I say let's go to the surface! Looking forward to updates. :) 

Thanks for giving it a go! means a lot that you are interested : )

Is that a new build too? What that this present bring? :)

Can we get a mac executable ?